The beauty of Slovene karst

Logotip Županova Jama

In the vicinity of a small town of Grosuplje, around half-way to castle Turjak, lies the underground karst cave Županova jama cave. Formed trough millennia of running underground water, the cave was discovered by a local mayor in 1926 and is thus called The Mayor’s Cave. Josip Perme with his son and his peer were the first men brave enough to climb deep in the dark underground and set foot to discover the magnificent chamber, now known as the Great Hall.

»The moment I wanted to order my companions to head back out I suddenly saw another chamber with stalactites. I climbed the rocks, the boys followed, until we reached a magnificent chamber. Here, thousands of stalactites glittered. Slowly we set uphill, to a flowstone figure now known as The Unknown Soldier Memorial. We were all shocked and just stood there motionless, observing the beauties of the underground. My two companions were shouting and singing.«

Today you are welcome to visit seven underground chambers, richly decorated by flowstone forms.

The world of wonders without sunlight is waiting for your visit, you won’t regret it.